30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Budget Cards, Bat Pieces, and Backpacks... Oh My!

I notice that when it comes to things like card shows and flea markets... I tend to ramble on and on.

It's because there are so many things to talk about:  the vendors, the people walking around, and of course... the merchandise.

But today I'm switching gears.  Life has been pretty hectic as of late, so I'm going to summarize my recent card show experience in as few words as possible.

Are you ready?  Get set.  Let's go!

Purchase #1:  50¢ Bin (Twenty Cards) $10

Inserts and Parallels

Football Memorabilia Cards

Baseball Memorabilia Cards

Pulled a huge stack of cards in hopes of a discount.  It didn't happen, so I narrowed it down to these 20 cards.

Purchase #2:  3 For A $1 Box (Twelve Cards) $4

Nothing too spectacular, but I can always use Darvish rookie cards and mid 90's refractors.

Purchase #3:  Kurt Suzuki Backpack $5

Remember the guy I sold the binder to?  He set aside this cool, Kurt Suzuki chest protector backpack given away in 2010 to season ticket holders:

Purchase #4:  2003 Flair Greats Sweet Swatch Classic Bat $5

This box topper is enormous!  The only downside is the lack of pine tar.

So... what do you think?  Not bad... right?  I spent three hours at a card show and only dropped $24.  In addition to these purchases, I also received a few freebies.  You can read about it... here.

Oh and I even found this beauty as I was walking out:

I didn't even bother asking... since I only had $26 left in my pocket.  But if I ever win the lottery... this might be my very first purchase.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Holy crap. Had me going with that Jack...! Nice haul.

  2. Wow, no discount from the first guy? I never understood the guys who can't let a couple of quarters slide when you're spending dollars. Double digit dollars at that.

    1. Yeah. In a sense, I'm glad he didn't give in. I saved my money and cherry picked his box.

  3. Nice haul for the price of a blaster. Too bad about the Jackie. The current asking price on eBay for PSA 6's is between one and two grand.

    1. Yeah... I'm going to need the lottery if I'm ever going to have any shot at that card.

  4. Nice bunch of cards. Dealers should give you a discount when pick up a pile. From what I've found most do

  5. What show was this? Looks a little bit like a high school in Cupertino where I attended a show last spring....didn't know they were having another edition. There's one in Concord this coming Saturday....

    1. It was held at the Santa Clara County Convention Center (next to Great America and the new Niner stadium). I was thinking about going out to the Concord show... but it's quite a drive and I have a friend who's setting up at the San Jose Toy Show. So I'll probably end up going there and save the gas money.

  6. Just like a Padres fan to give the Dodger faithful a near heart attack there.

  7. Man that Suzuki backpack is awesome. I wish there was a Posada version of it.
    Nice haul :).

  8. Great haul! What a great time for $24. When can you spend three hours and walk away with only spending $24! Congrats.

  9. Never seen jersey and memorabilia cards for 50 cents before. Very nice...good trade bait.

  10. WOW! That Kurt Suzuki chest protector backpack is awesome!
    If I got to go to one of those cards shows I'd get so lost..I had to get chains in my wallet to not spend to much money.