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Saturday, December 7, 2013

When It Rains...

It pours.

Right in the middle of my Thanksgiving feasting... I received an email I've been looking for to for quite some time.  It was the message saying I had finally won this 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Archives Autograph of Jeff Reardon:

This card has been on my cardboard wantlist for nearly three years and has been my prime target since the end of April.  During that time a few have popped up on eBay, but in each of those cases dealers were looking to get paid over full book value.

Then last month, someone listed one up as a 99¢ auction, instead of an unreasonable BIN and the bidding war ensued... with myself being the victor.  It's a huge addition to my Montreal Expos PC and now I can finally cross this card off my list.

Reardon is the Montreal Expos all-time saves leader and is one of the greatest pitchers in franchise history.  This is the only certified autographed card he has where he's pictured in Montreal's bleu, blanc, et rouge uniform.

Anyways... getting back to the title of my post.  Since I've won the auction... three more copies of this card have popped up on eBay.  One of them with a BIN for $9.99, which I would have snatched up in a heartbeat three weeks ago.

The other two were listed as auctions.  One recently closed at $7.99 (free shipping) and received no bids, while the other is still active at $5.99 (free shipping).

Where the heck were these guys six months ago?

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

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