30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PC Addition - Tim Hardaway Bobblehead

I've been to plenty of Golden State Warriors games in my lifetime... but Monday night marked the first time I entered Oracle Arena as a Warriors fan.

This past summer, I made the decision to transfer fan loyalty from my childhood team to the local team and honestly it feels good. As a Lakers fan, I got used to them winning 3 out of 4 games on a routine basis... and after so many years of cheering on Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Byron, Van Exel, Eddie, Shaq, Kobe, and Pau... you sort of get spoiled. So spoiled... that the playoffs are expected... which happens to take the enjoyment of the game away (at least for me).

On the flipside... the Warriors have made the playoffs just once in the past seventeen seasons. Yet... each time I attend one of their games, I lose my voice. In short... it's more fun rooting for a team who have little, if any expectations put upon them.

And it looks like I chose the perfect time to switch teams... because this year the Warriors are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in the Bay Area... and one of the promotions is handing out bobbleheads of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin... also known as... Run TMC.

The promotion is spread out across three different games... the first being on Monday, February 13th, when the Warriors hosted the Phoenix Suns and gave out Hardaway bobbleheads to the first 10,000 fans.

Next month, they'll be passing out the Richmond bobbleheads on March 7th and the Mullin bobbleheads on March 19th. If things go as planned, I'll be attending both games and complete the Run TMC bobblehead set.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Enjoy the rest of your week. Sayonara!


  1. Awesome! I need to get my hands on a set once they hit the Bay.

  2. That's killer… like the Killer Crossover. GREAT for this promo. Love it!!!

  3. dodgerbobble - the hardaway is going for around $30 to $50 on ebay. i thought about buying a bunch of tickets and posting them on there, since you can get warriors tickets for as low as $6 each.

    charles - welcome back buddy... thanks... the hardaway is going to look even more "killer" when i get the other two.