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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Say It Isn't So... Joe (Thornton)

Yesterday, I went Shark hunting for the third time this season. There were a bunch of autograph seekers out there... probably 30 to 40... half of which were students on Thanksgiving break.

It was pretty cool to see how excited the kids were to meet these famous athletes... and most of the players were generous enough to hang around and snap photos with them.

I myself... didn't have a lot of things to get signed, so I helped my buddy (who sells autographs for a living) pick up some 'graphs for the upcoming Christmas season.

In the end, I managed to add eight signatures to my Sharks IP autograph collection. Here's a recap of my haul:

Marc-Edouard Vlasic & Dan Boyle



Logan Couture

Antti Niemi

Douglas Murray

Joe Pavelski

Patrick Marleau

Typically, I don't bother to ask players to sign multiple items... because I don't want to be greedy. But I noticed that Marleau was signing multiples for everyone, so I threw a puck on the photo at the last moment.

Graciously... he signed both items, including this sweet photo of him with Jumbo Joe...

I was pretty stoked... and I immediately told my buddy, "I don't care if nobody else signs... as long as Thornton does".

And he did... but (unfortunately) not for me. He signed for a few people, then hopped in his car and took off. I can't blame the guy... I'm sure he gets mobbed all the time... the price you pay for being a super-star athlete.

At least it gives me something to work on. I'm also going to purchase one of those white "This Is Sharks Territory" signs and have the team autograph that, since my collage is starting to get overcrowded with silver ink.

Well... my Harry Potter DVD collection just arrived from Amazon, so I'm off to watch the first movie while I track the Sharks vs. Blackhawks game online.

Happy Wednesday everyone... and sayonara!

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