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Sunday, November 13, 2011

John Carlson is the Man!

At 2-6, we... Seattle Seahawks fans... don't have much to cheer for... especially since the team is on pace to record their fourth consecutive losing season in a row. But eventually... things will turn around for the Hawks... right?

Until then... it's important that we embrace the little things in life. For example...

Leon Washington leads the league in kick/punt return yards. Okay... so he hasn't returned anything for a touchdown this season, but his two against the Chargers last season make up for it.

Oh... and Hawks punter, Jon Ryan... has the 2nd most punting yards and is tied with Oakland's Shane Lechler with the longest punt this season (77 yards).

And finally... this past Friday, the Seahawks announced John Carlson as their Man of the Year for his hard work in the community.

Carlson has been on IR since September and is out for the season. His absence has definitely been felt by the 29th ranked offense. However, it's nice to know that the injury hasn't stopped Carlson from contributing in other ways. Kudos Mr. Carlson. Here's to a speedy recovery... and see you in 2012.

Today, the Seahawks face the Baltimore Ravens.

I love my Hawks, but I'm a realist too. So I don't expect them to blowout the Ravens... I just think we'll take them down on a last second flea flicker ;-)

Are you surprised by my prediction? Lol... I am too. But seriously... this NFL season has been full of surprises.

What/Who do you thing has been the biggest surprise so far?

Time to get ready for some football. Happy Sunday everyone... and sayonara!

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  1. It was the Bengal until the lose today, I would say the success that Cam Newton is having. I don't think Carlson would have helped much, Seattle needs to get its QB situation in Order.

  2. John - Yeah... Newton has been a huge surprise. I heard many experts compare him to Jamarcus Russell, before the start of the season.

  3. I saw that Ravens loss coming from a mile away this week. Such an inconsistant team...oh, and I just shot you an email!

  4. justin - i'll check my email in the next few minutes.

  5. Foooj! I don't have any Carlson, but I do have a bunch of Hasselback, Alexander and others from that era in base parallel and relic/auto form. Let me know if you have any interest!