30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, November 5, 2018

Another Week Another Project

Last weekend, I showed off my Topps Glossy All-Stars project that was inspired by a fellow collector I met over on CCW a few years ago.  Over the years, he's sent me numerous care packages and his latest one was filled with project starters.

Yesterday I sat down and sorted a stack of 1980-88 TCMA Baseball Immortals that he sent me.  After about 15 minutes, I figured out that over 80% of the set was sitting right in front of me.

Normally... I'd break this set up and put the singles into my player's inserts, parallels, and oddballs binders.

However this set is way too beautiful to be buried among other card designs.  These colorful borders are absolutely stunning and need to be displayed in a binder for easy viewing.  And that's exactly what I did:

I'm not exactly sure about how I'll go about building this set.  I'll probably start by hitting up Sportlots and hopefully cross off the majority of my set needs... which happens to be these:

Thank you Woody for helping me get started with such a cool set from my childhood.  When I was younger this was one of the only ways I could add guys like Jimmie Foxx and Babe Ruth to my collection.  And the fact that they're reminiscent of the 1975 Topps set is the icing on the cake.

Speaking of 1975 Topps... I recently received a care package from Night Owl who happens to be one of the blogosphere's biggest fans of that set.

The package contained a variety of stuff that included cards for my A's, Padres, Seahawks, and Packers collections:

He also included some cards for my player collections:

And if that weren't enough... he sent a nice stack of cards for my students as well:

Thanks Greg!  I don't think I have any new Dodgers that you need.  However... I've been picking up a few Buffalo Bills cards that have your name on it.  I'll probably ship it out after the new year to avoid the holiday postal scene.

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I love those Baseball Immortals cards. There are some players in that set who have no or very few modern cards, too.

  2. It's not much, but I can take care of #'s 11,36,89, and 106 for you.

  3. Very envious of all those Baseball Immortals. One of my favorites from way back.

  4. I've never owned more than one or two, but between you and Night Owl, that Immortals set just became the trendy oddball set to get. I feel like I'll find a starter lot somewhere cheap too...

    1. P.S. We've got to get you a color scanner/printer at home... ;)

  5. I absolutely love this set, too... I probably have about 60% of it and someday hope to complete it myself.

  6. That's a fun set which for some reason I don't think I ever picked up any cards of in the 80s. I've *got* to have a couple in my childhood binders. I'll have to check next time I'm in CA.

  7. Immortals is on my "one day" list. One day, I'll determine how many of these I have, what I need then just buy the complete set on ebay. They do belong in a binder!

  8. Baseball Immortals rules! They've been a consistent dime box thrill of mine for many years now.

  9. ryan g - i love me some baseball... but i gotta admit there were a bunch of guys i had never even heard of. one day i'll sit down, read all of the card backs, and educate myself.

    jon - wow. thanks buddy. anything is appreciated.

    night owl - it's a great looking set. maybe one day, i'll take the time to analyze the color borders like you did for the 75T set.

    sumomenkoman - yup. night owl hooked it up.

    gca - lol. yeah. i could print a color copy at school, but don't think the office staff would appreciate it.

    p-town tom - best of luck. i'm hoping to find a bunch sitting in someone's dime box at the next show i attend.

    nick vossbrink - i definitely remember them from back in the 80's, but only had a handful of singles floating around. never had a complete set.

    julie owens - yeah... way to colorful to be sitting in a box.

    nick - i'm hoping i find some in the dime boxes i explore in january at my next card show.

  10. Nice looking set. Never seen it before. I'm not a fan of the Topps Fire but that is a nice looking Jose Canseco card. Thanks for the post