30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Prelude to a Post

It's sunny and 65° outside, which means that I've scheduled a scenic date with Mother Nature.  Is there anything better than breathing in clean, fresh air and soaking in some California sun while hanging out with a friend on a hike?

Well... I realize it's like comparing apples to oranges, but baseball cards would definitely be in the discussion.

Sport Card Collectors recently sent me a six card PWE that got me pumped up for my hike...

First up...

1999 Topps #110

Another Oakland Athletics buyback for my collection.  This one features the 1998 American League Rookie of the Year who was once the A's top prospect.  I went all in on Ben Grieve back in the late 90's and eventually learned that prospecting isn't my thing.

That's why I had no idea who this guy was...

2017 Bowman's Best Dean's List #BADL-LA

After looking him up online, I discovered that Armenteros is 18 year old outfielder from Cuba who probably won't be called up for at least a few more seasons.

The rest of the PWE was filled with veterans including two guys on the 2017 Oakland Athletics roster:

2017 Topps Gold #542
2017 Bowman's Best Refractor #53

Plouffe was traded last summer to Tampa Bay and is currently a free agent, while Davis just recently signed a one year deal to stay in town.

The last two cards are the perfect prelude to my Tuesday post:

2017 Stadium Club Gold #227
2017 Stadium Club Power Zone #PZ-JC

I don't want to spoil the surprise... but here's a hint.  Tuesday's post has nothing to do with Stadium Club baseball cards.

Thanks Sport Card Collectors for these cards.  You went 6 for 6... since I didn't have any of these before receiving your PWE.  Looks like I gotta go dig up some more Rodney Hampton cards to send you way.

In the meantime... I've gotta get ready for my hike.  Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Nice Armenteros. Dude might be the A's best prospect when Barreto becomes ineligible.

  2. Speaking of the Athletics...have you seen those kelly green alts they showed off this past week? Beautiful! Like to see them go back to kelly and yellow full time.

  3. Enjoy the day! Looking forward to what Tuesday brings!

  4. Awesome! great to hear you needed them all

  5. Hiking sounds fun.
    Baseball card preludes sound funner.

    Looking forward to the post...

  6. zippy - you know you're my prospect guy. so if you say he might be our best prospect outside of barreto, i believe you.

    commish - yup. i totally want to buy one. but i'm not gonna spend the $200+ prices mlb.com is asking

    sumomenkoman - it was one heck of a hike. lol. i was pretty sore the next day. actually i can still feel it in my calves

    sport card collectors - you nailed it. thanks buddy!

    collecting cutch - it was a lot of fun. great scenery. i took a gwynn wallet card shot... but i accidentally deleted it :(