30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, April 17, 2017

Obsession w/ Ink

A while back, one of my coworkers showed off her back, which was completely covered in tattoos.  The artwork was pretty amazing and badass.  I've considered getting one, but never settled on anything that I'd want to see for the rest of my life.  I mean it's so permanent... well kind of.

For now... I'll just stick to collecting another type of ink:  autographed sports cards.

My obsession started back in the mid 90's with products like Signature Rookies and Be A Player that offered a guaranteed autograph per pack.  Eventually I started chasing the tougher to pull autographs like Stadium Club Co-Signers and Fleer Autographics.

Two decades later, I'm much more selective in the autographs I choose to add to my collection.  For the most part, I no longer add sticker autographs unless the price is right or there's no other option.  I'm also pretty picky about card designs and have no problem waiting until the card falls into my price range.

Today I'm taking on the fifth installment of Tony's 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge, which happens to be showing off a certified autographed card of one of my favorite players.  And since autographs are my favorite thing to collect, I figured I'd show off five certified autographs from five of my favorite players.

Without further adieu...

#1:  Tony Gwynn

2007 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius #GW

Framed and signed on faux canvas, this autograph set is truly a thing of beauty.  Adding Tony in his late 80's brown and orange uniform makes this one of my favorite autographed cards in my collection.

#2:  Rickey Henderson

2016 Topps Strata Signature Patch #SSP-RH

I realize that there are some collectors are traditionalists who believe baseball cards should be made only out of cardboard.  If they ever held one of these, they might change their minds.  There's a reason, I named it my favorite card of 2016.

#3:  Greg Maddux

2016 Topps Tribute Rightful Recognition #NOWGM

For years, Greg Maddux autographs were out of my price range.  His printing plates were too.  Thanks to Topps, there are plenty of both floating around our hobby... which allowed me to pick up this signed printing plate at a very affordable price.

#4:  Steve Carlton

1999 Century Legends Epic Signatures #SC

There are so many beautiful autographed card designs out there today, I'd be hard pressed to choose one.  But the 1999 Century Legends Epic Signatures would definitely be in the discussion

#5:  Ichiro Suzuki

1993 BBM #239

My latest addiction is picking up autographed rookie cards.  This card represents a few things.  It's my first and only autograph of Ichiro.  It features one of Ichiro's official Japanese rookie cards.  And it represents my most pricey single card purchase and is easily one of my favorite signed rookie cards.

Well there you have it.  Five of my favorite certified autograph cards signed by five of my favorite baseball players.

Some of you may have noticed that one of my favorite players was left off the list.  That's because I couldn't figure out which of the following cards is my favorite:

2007 SP Authentic By The Letters #125

Now that I have revealed my obsession with collecting ink... how about you?

Are you into tattoos, autographed cards, or both?

And if you haven't joined in on Tony's 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge...

What's your favorite autographed card of your favorite player?

I hope all of you enjoyed a safe holiday weekend.  Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I used to love Signature rookies! I pulled a Rico Brogna once. It was a big deal.

    As someone with a fear of needles, tats aren't for me. Had bloodwork done last week and almost passed out.

  2. Those are some fantastic autographs, especially the Ichiro. I'm assuming you have quite an extensive collection of autos, even if you're more selective now. I have a bunch of autos from 2005-06 Be A Player hockey (the only BAP set I really liked) and some Red Sox/Devils auto cards I really like. Not sure what my favorite autographed card would be, maybe its my Al Kaline Sweet Spot classics bat auto, or my Harmon Killebrew Fleer Greats auto. You just gave me a good idea for a future post!

    As for tattoos, they dont really appeal to me at all - either on myself or on someone else. Like AJ, I'm not good with needles at all (nearly fainted myself when I had blood work done about a year ago) but I'm not particularly artistic or badass, and I dont know of anything that I would want to permanently display anywhere on my body.

  3. Don't like tattoos.. At all.. Again, don't like needles.. I've put off getting bloodwork for over a year because of my aversion to them. If I never get poked again, it's too soon.

    I don't mind autographed cards. I imagine if I pulled ones I wanted rather than ones I don't would make a difference.. lol

  4. I've considered getting a tat at different times in my life but a) never found anything I liked (until recently) and, b) would rather spend the money elsewhere (like CARDS). Part of that ($) has to do with I'd want to do a half-sleeve, so it could get a little spendy.

  5. I'm not against tattoos, but would never get one. I wouldn't even have the slightest idea of what to choose. Auto cards all the way for me.

  6. i've thought about a tattoo, and even have a few ideas although they are fairly cliche at this point. probably won't ever happen.

    i like that you led with the gwynn auto - that's a nice one.

  7. I have a tattoo, but one is enough. I have a few autographed cards, but can't get into them. I am a base set collector by heart. So, I am going to have to live through you with the autographs!

  8. Topps Strata cards are beautiful. I've kicked around the idea of chasing a Bench auto since they're affordable but I'm still amazed that you can find a Kluber autograph for less than the price of a blaster. Nice Henderson auto Fuji!

  9. No tats. Not my style. My favorite Ron Santo would be the 2009 UD Goudey Sports Royalty. It's on card and features a young Ronnie with a big smile. Your autograph collection is amazing.

  10. I'm not into tattoos myself but if people want to decorate their bodies with cool designs, all the power to them.

    As for autographs, I'm the type of person who doesn't think collecting doesn't stop with just getting a card. That's where phase two occurs where planning how to get it signed begins.

  11. tlc - i'm not a fan of needles either. however if i figure out something i want done, i'll face that fear.

    chris - that kaline sweet spot classics auto sounds sweet. i went on a kaline auto binge two years ago. that guy had such an amazing career.

    mike - me too. every time i go to the dentist, i stress out thinking i might have a cavity and they'll need to give me a shot. don't think i've ever had blood work done. i probably should though since i'm in my 40's

    cardboard jones - damn... forgot that tattoos can be kinda pricey. just another reason, i'll probably hold off for another decade or two.

    matthew scott - me either. if i ever did, it'd probably be simple, like something written in kanji.

    gcrl - thanks. it's one of my favorites.

    sumomenkoman - if i had more storage space, i'd collect base sets.

    reds card collector - yeah, those strata cards are awesome. as topps continues to flood the hobby with signatures, prices will continue to drop which is good and bad, depending on your point of view.

    hackenbush - i've been looking to add a santo autograph to my collection for awhile now. i like your goudey sport royalty choice. those signatures are sweet.

    sport card collectors - thanks!

    zippy zappy - i wish i could go out more and grab in person autographs more. there was a time when i was stocking up on certain non-glossy cards in hopes of one day becoming a ttm or in person autograph guy.