30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flea Market Finds #105: Vintage + The Chicken + Archives

This past weekend, my schedule was completely booked with the exception of Saturday morning and Sunday evening.  I sat around and laid out my summer school curriculum Sunday night... but on Saturday morning I squeezed in a quick trip to the Branham High School Flea Market.

Purchase #1:  Quarter Bin Cards $1

Tony... the regular vendor with the quarter bins... was set up with his buddy, so I stopped off and dug through stuff and found four cards.  Technically these came out of his baseball insert box, which were labeled a dollar a piece.  But since I promised to take all of his 2016 Topps Archives base cards off of his hands next weekend at the Serramonte Mall Sports Card and Collectibles Show, he let me have them for a quarter each.

I'm always looking to add buyback singles to my vintage binder assuming the price is right.  One dollar each is a little steep... however I'll buy them all day long at a quarter a piece.  Actually these three cards were mainly filler cards.  The main card I wanted was this:

2016 Donruss #151

I recently added a "most wanted" list on the left hand side of the blog and this card was on it.

I grew up watching The San Diego Chicken on The Baseball Bunch, so he'll always have a home in my sports card collection whenever there are new trading cards produced of him.

Purchase #2:  Bert Campaneris Autograph $5

2016 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Auto #FFA-BC

I paid full eBay value for this card... but I'm not complaining.  This card features an on-card autograph of an Athletics legend.  He's the franchise's all-time leader in hits and games played.  He was a 6x AL All-Star, stole 649 bases, won the Babe Ruth Award in 1973, and is a 3x World Champion.  To top it off... he's the first MLB player to play all 9 positions in a single game.  I'll pay five bucks any day of the week for certified on-card autographs that I don't already own of this guy.

Well that's all for now.  It's been slim pickings lately during my flea market runs.  Hopefully things will turn around soon.  At the very least, I hope I find some cool stuff at next weekend's card show.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. I never quite understood the buyback singles with the foil stamp. Is it vintage or repurposed cards or "new" cards printed on old cardboard stock.

  2. You can't go wrong with the San Diego Chicken!

  3. Topps buy backs are vintage cards they bought and embossed/stamped, they're not new. There's a lot of opinions about how cool or uncool they are...

    I like the fan favorite auto, nice find!

  4. Nice Campy auto! Got to find me one of those. I'll trade you for the Torrez...

  5. I was completely unaware that Mr. Campaneris had an autograph in this year's archives, now I too, will have to look for one.

    It seems like there have been a lot of posts this week featuring buybacks. Which, to me, isn't a bad thing. That was a really great price on those, too.

  6. R Laughton - Looks like Steve beat me to the punch and answered your question.

    Bulldog - Seriously. Love me some SD Chicken.

    Steve - The Fan Favorite autographs are my favorite thing to collect year in and year out. Always look forward to seeing who's on their checklist each year.

    GCA - Sorry GCA... it's part of my Expos PC ;)

    Jon - I was stoked to see his name on the checklist. I typically won't spend much on a buyback (unless it's a cool card or a bigger name)... but I'll drop a quarter on commons any day of the week.