30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, September 4, 2015

Need More Cowbell

He has one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood...

He has given some of the most memorable two minute movie speeches...

He was a part of one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits...

And now he is an official member of my card collection...

1953 Bowman TV and Radio Stars #58

I'm sure as collectors... most of you have found yourself in a similar situation.  You stumble across a card you've never seen before and knew it was destined to be in your collection.  That's exactly what happened when I found this card on COMC back in May.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. That's my second most wanted card from the set. Nice!

    1. This was awesome as well,

    2. Wow. Walken has mad dance skills. Thanks for sharing that video.

  2. Wowie wow wow! I had no idea that Chistopher Walken had a "rookie card" that went that far back. That is quite awesome.

    I always liked him as "The Continental" on SNL

  3. Kewl, never knew Walken was a child star.

  4. shlabotnikreport - had to look up The Continental... but it was well worth it.

    cynicalbuddha - me neither... until i saw this card