30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flea Market Finds #75: Sports Cards & Shivers

What happens when you combined an outdoor flea market with thirty-five degree temperatures?  You get... a desolate flea market with less than half of the usual vendors.

Oh well... at least there were a couple of guys selling cards.

Purchase #1:  1997 Stadium Club Matrix #55 $1

I'll automatically buy any 90's insert or parallel of Derek Jeter that I don't have if it's a dollar or less, so this card was a no-brainer... even if there's a little bit of chipping on the bottom edge of the card.

Purchase #2:  Three Rookie Cards $1

One of my friends has a cool dollar box filled with inserts, parallels, and rookie cards.  Every now and then you can find some cool hidden treasures like this Russell Wilson baseball card.  There were also two 2010 Chicle Madison Bumgarner rookie cards in the box, but he told me that he accidentally left those in there.

No problemo... to make up for the error, he offered me the three cards above for a buck.  I'll take that.

Purchase #3:  2014 Topps Tek Tanaka RC $4

I purchased the Tanaka from my friend who sold me the other three rookie cards.  Obviously I paid a little high... but that's okay.  I believe in taking care of people who take care of you.

And since I probably won't be busting any packs of 2014 Tek anytime soon... I figured this would make a nice addition to my collection.

Overall... this trip to the flea market probably wasn't worth the gas and time... but at least I didn't walk away empty-handed.  Depending on the weather... I might wait a month or two before I head out to the flea market again.  The environmentalist inside of me wants it to be a wet and cold winter, so we can recover from the drought we've been suffering from.  But the card collector wants it to warm up, so I can track down some flea market finds.  Thankfully it's up to Mother Nature and completely out of my hands.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. It's good to know that there are still outdoor flea markets going on in some parts of the country, especially considering that the wind chill is currently sitting at -18 here in my neck of the woods.

  2. Nice finds, Fuji. And it's not warm in Atlanta today either!

  3. Nice pick-ups! One of these days I will get that Russell Wilson card.

  4. If it makes you feel any better we're looking at a forecast of 0 degrees with a -20 wind chill factor for tomorrow. Bad enough that public schools and some businesses are closing, and this is New England!

  5. We're looking forward to a return to 35 degree temperatures on Sunday... tonight we're looking at single digits, with a wind chill below zero. Nice Tanaka cards... he's the first Yankee I've felt like rooting for in years.

  6. This looks like stuff I would pick up if I had a flea market. Great stuff! Love the Jeter and Odell the most!

  7. Cool stuff... Maybe I've just lead a sheltered existence, but I didn't realize that Russell Wilson had been on a Bowman card. I'll have to keep half an eye out for that.

  8. I'm obsessed with the Matrix parallel. Great find.

  9. Cold as hell in my neck of the woods as well. Not too many outdoor flea markets here even in the summer.