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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do Yourself a Favor... and Walk the Plank.

There's a new blog on the block and its name is Bob Walk the Plank.  I know that a lot of you guys are into baseball cards... and that's exactly what Matt covers on his blog.  In a few days he'll be celebrating his one month anniversary and I'm really enjoying all of his Pittsburgh Pirates posts.

Like many of us, he started a blog in hopes of interacting with collectors as well as finding trade partners.  If you're looking for baseball and football autographs or memorabilia cards, then I encourage you to check out his trade bait.  Even if you're not interested in trading, I highly recommend you heading over there to check out his blog.

Two weeks ago, he told me he wanted to send me a "goodie bag", so we exchanged addresses and "wow" did he deliver.  See for yourself:

Usually I'd save the best for last.  But I was so stoked to receive this Yoenis Cespedes autograph, I wanted it to be the image everyone saw first.  The Oakland A's aren't really known for their superstars.  But if I had to pick a guy on their roster with the potential to be one, it would be him.

In addition to the autograph, Matt also threw in these Yoenis cards:

I absolutely love the 71T and Tall Boys minis.  Next up, the boys on 'roids... The Bash Brothers:

And here's another one of those awesome 2013 Topps Archives Mini Tall Boys inserts.  I present to you The Bash Brothers' teammate and the 1989 World Series MVP:

And wrapping up the awesome Oakland A's "goodie bag", here are pair of inserts of another World Series MVP... Mr. October, himself:

Oh wait... I almost forgot.  He also sent me my first Hisashi Iwakuma relic card for my Japanese PC:

Thanks Matt!  That's one of the most generous "goodie bags" I've ever received.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!

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