30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Contest Ends & Another Begins!

Wake up, wake up, wake up... it's the 1st of the month.
To get up, get up, get up... so check my contest and get up.

Let's start off by selecting the winner of last month's contest, who will receive a custom built Collector's Cache box.

Step 1:  Randomization for May's Post of the Month

On May 8th, the Sharks had just wrapped up their sweep of the Vancouver Canucks and I had just wrapped up a round of golf.  Three people left comments:  Commishbob, Greg Zakwin, and Dion's IP Autos only.

Each of these guys had their names entered four additional times in this month's drawing...

Step 2:  May's Contests Randomization

And the winner of this month's contest is... Roy-Z (author of Plain, Gray, Swatch).  I'll be building him a custom Fairfield collector's cache box, which will contain a stack of Blue Jays, a pair of collector's patches, two hits (autographed cards and/or memorabilia cards), wax packs, one-touch holders, and a 1991 Topps coins starter set.

Mr. Z, please email me your address and I'll try to ship your special box in the next few days.

Okay... now let's check out June's contest.  It's business as usual with three different ways to enter:

A.  Respond to today's question of the day below.


B.  Promote this contest on your blog, and leave a link below.


C.  Leave comments in my posts throughout the month of June.

The only difference is that there'll be two winners this month.  Each of the winners will receive two different autographed 8x10 photos.   
The person in the #1 spot of the 5th randomization will pick out the two photos they want, while the person in the #2 spot will receive the remaining two photos.  Here are the four photos the winner gets to choose from:

The Dudley Boyz #1 & The Dudley Boyz #2

The Gorgeous Gail Kim & Former Rookie Standout Matt Nokes

Don't worry... at the very least, I'll throw in some extra cardboard of your favorite team to make it worth your while.

So how does this contest work?

On July 1st, I'll enter everyone's names from this post into the list randomizer on www.random.org.

If you promote this contest on your blog, I'll add your name two additional times.

And as a final bonus, I will randomly select one of my posts from the month of June using the same website.  Anyone who left a comment on that particular post will have their name added four additional times.

That means if you play your cards right, you could end up with seven possible entries.

So are you ready to enter?  Okay... here is today's question:

If you win the contest, which two photos would you choose?

Leave your comments and/or contest plugs below.  Thanks again to everyone who took the time to participate in last month's contest and congratulations to Roy-Z for winning May's contest.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. matt nokes and what's behind door number 3.

  2. I would actually go with a double dose of the Dudley Boyz, gotta love Bubba Ray and D-Von (and to a lesser extent, Spike).

    I will also add a plug for the contest on my blog Pack War

  3. Well I love Women and baseball.. so thats a no brainer

  4. Matt Nokes for his Yankee connections. I'd let you surprise me with choice #2.

  5. I gotta go with the lovely Miss Kim and the Dudley Boyz #1.


    You definitely wanna read this post Fuji.

  6. I had the pleasure of seeing the Dudley Boys up close and personal about 13 years ago here in western PA. Of course, that was back in their ECW days, and it was a 6 man tag match with them and their brother "Big Dick" Dudley, against Dreamer, Sandman and Spike Dudley.

    Needless to say, they went out into the audience, and I wasn't able to sit for the rest of the card, because my chair was destroyed when Sandman body slammed Dick Dudley into my chair.

    Awesome? Hell yes!! Those two pics of the Dudley Boys would go great on my wall.

    Contest promoted here..


    Thank you for the contest!!

  7. I would go with the two bottom ones, they match my living room better.

  8. Dudley Boyz #2 and Matt Nokes. Thanks for the contest.


  9. I believe that was the song that Chris Rock dubbed was a "welfare carol."

  10. Who doesn't want the Kim Photo? NO BRAINER! and maybe go a couple of rounds with her. and the boyz would be the second one since I already have Matt Nokes.

  11. Thanks again for the contest...Don't follow wrestling too much, so I'd go for Matt Nokes for sure. Kim would be the second one just because.

  12. Kim and Nokes...they make a nice couple.

  13. hey Fuji,
    I have pimped the June contest here is a link


    Thanks, For the new contest. Dion