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Thursday, April 14, 2011

PC Spotlight #13: 1991/92 San Jose Sharks Cards

The San Jose Sharks season starts in just under two hours. If you're a fellow Sharks fan, then you know the regular season is practically meaningless. Sure you have to play good enough to get into the playoffs... but in San Jose... we're hungry for the Stanley Cup.

This is the seventh season in a row that they've earned a playoff spot. In fact the Sharks have made the playoffs in twelve of their past thirteen seasons. And each year... the result is the same. Agony and defeat... not only for their teams... but their fans too.

Like I mentioned in Sunday's post... I'm not going to get my hopes up... only because it just sets me up for more heartache. Instead... I'm going to cheer on my team and hope that this is the year things are different.

So before I get to the point of this post... I want to wish the San Jose Sharks and all of their loyal fans... the best of luck. Go Sharks!

Now onto the cards. Here's my small collection of 1991/92 San Jose Sharks cards. They're practically worthless to most people, but they're priceless to me. I've had these cards in my collection for the last twenty years.

Here's the only San Jose Sharks base card produced by O-Pee-Chee in 1991-92. It previewed their upcoming jersey and showed their roster.

This is the 1991/92 O-Pee-Chee Premier team set. These were suppose to be the company's higher end product. I originally thought that these were going to be more scarce too... but history has shown that OPC let the printing presses run longer than most had hoped.

Next up is my 1991/92 Upper Deck Series One team set. Upper Deck dropped the puck on this set, because it lacked captain Doug Wilson. However... they made up for it by including Arturs Irbe in the second series. One of these days, I'll track down the other half of this set.

Oh... how I wish Pro Set would come back into the card market. I know most of you would are probably shaking your heads in disgust... but I loved their early 90's products. Out of my four 1991/92 Sharks team sets, this is by far my favorite.

It featured amazing photography and a decent card design. If only they hadn't overproduced 99% of their products.

Last... but not least... I want to show off my 1991/92 Score Canadian Sharks header card and my 1991/92 Score Rookie-Traded Sharks team set. Some may think the header card is cheesy... but I like it, because the focus of the card is on the Sharks' iconic logo.

Score also created a nice 20 card Sharks subset inside of their Rookie/Traded box set to go along with a massive 25 card Sharks set they inserted into bilingual & Canadian packs. I'm missing both of the 25 card sets, but the other one is hanging up on my office wall:

Here's to the San Jose Sharks organization and their 20th anniversary. I was a huge fan when the team went 17-58-5 in their inaugural season... and I'll be a fan whether or not you bring the Stanley Cup home to San Jose.

Tonight's question of the day:

What do you think of early 90's Pro Set products?

Have a good evening... I've gotta go get ready for the first game of the season. Go Sharks!


  1. How about Heater with the goal only 30 seconds in? I hope this is a good sign of things to come for the next couple months...

  2. Great post,not a hockey guy ,but i LOVED the Pro Set football cards in the late80s/early 90s......and I sure do miss them.

  3. Mariner1 - That was awesome... game 1 was awesome... amazing goaltending. I'm trying to forget last night though.

    sg488 - thanks... I wasn't a hockey guy either until the Sharks came to town. I wish someone would bring Pro Set back.