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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 5: Aaron Rodgers Refractors

Today's the day. In about four hours... my favorite team will face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers and wrap up an amazing season.

Win or lose... I'm a loyal cheesehead. They fulfilled my prediction of reaching the big game. Hopefully, they exceed my expectations and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Title Town.

Today's game is going to be awesome. I'm assuming it's going to be close... a back and forth tug of war. My guess is that the game winning score will be on the final drive of the game.

Both teams have amazing defenses. The Steelers allowed the least amount of points this season... and the Packers were a close second. During the regular season, the Steelers defense held opposing offenses to an average of 276.8 yards per game (2nd in the NFL). The Packers were fifth in the league allowing 309.1 yards per game. And both teams excelled in the area of turnovers. The Packers had a take-away ratio of +10, while the Steelers nearly doubled that with a +17 ratio.

On offense... both teams are led by athletic quarterbacks who can avoid the sack. Ben Roethlisberger is a beast. At 6'5" and 241 pounds... he throws linebackers around like down pillows. While Rodgers is extremely mobile and demonstrated that by rushing for 356 yards and 4 touchdowns during the regular season.

It'll come down to who can score against the others' stellar defense. Big Ben definitely has the experience, but hopefully (for me at least) Rodgers will shine.

It's debatable on whether or not Rodgers has stepped out of Favre's shadow... Personally... I think he has. They're different quarterbacks and each has their own legacy in Packers' history.

However... if Rodgers pulls of a win today... he'll have the same number of Super Bowl rings as Mr. Favre.

So... today... I'll be showing off my favorite Brett Favre refractor, along with my top 5 Rodgers' refractors. Refractors has been my favorite parallel since they arrived on the scene in the early 90's, because of the rainbow shine they give off.

My Favorite Favre Refractor

1998 Topps Mystery Finest Refractors #M3

This is the card that sets the standard for my Green Bay Packers refractor collection. It's not the most expensive. Nor is it my oldest Packers refractor. However... it is easily one of my favorite personal pulls of all-time. First off... I loved the concept behind these cards. You get one Mystery Finest card in every box... and on the back of the card there are four players. The front of the card is covered with a black peeling, which you pull off to reveal your player.

The four players on my card are Steve Young, Dan Marino, Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe. At the time... Steve Young was a Bay Area hero, so if I pulled him... I could easily trade him for another Favre. I've always been a Marino fan, so if I pulled him... it'd be a nice PC addition. And back in 1998... Bledsoe was pretty popular in the hobby... as he was in the top 5 of most passing categories.

But of course... I wanted the Brett Favre the most. So... when I discovered I pulled the Favre, I was pumped. Add to the fact that it was a refractor... and it was epic. The regular versions were pulled at a rate of 1 per box. However the refractors were inserted at a rate of 1:144 packs (or 1 out of 4 boxes).

So... that's why this card sets the standard in my Packers refractor collection... much like Favre sets the standard for Packers quarterbacks... in the eyes of many.

But... it's a new era. The Aaron Rodgers era... and to help get this party started... I've decided to share the top 5 Aaron Rodgers refractors in my PC.

#1: 2009 Finest Refractor

I'm a huge fan of this design... plus I love that it's a Finest "refractor". Add in the fact that it's a great photo of Rodgers... and it shows off the Packers' green and gold colors... and you have my favorite Rodgers refractor.

#2: 2006 Bowman Chrome Refractor

This card features my favorite Rodgers photograph... so it sits as my #2 favorite refractor.

#3: 2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor

This card features Rodgers doing what he does best... scrambling... looking down field for someone to throw to. He'll be doing this a lot today... and hopefully when he does he'll pick apart the Steelers secondary.

#4: 2009 Topps Chrome Refractor

My fourth favorite Rodgers refractors shows him about to launch a deep pass to one of his options. Hopefully... the Packers will allow him some time to make a few of these passes... but my guess is that he won't have too many opportunities against the Steelers pass rush.

#5: 2006 Topps Chrome Refractor

Another beautiful card that shows of the glorious green and gold. This card would be higher up the list, but I'm not a big fan of this particular photo. But... the card design is pretty nice.

So... Aaron... hopefully this post allows you and the Packers to shine a little brighter today. In my opionion... it's not about you stepping out of Favre's shadow. It's about taking the next step towards being a Packers legend. If you win today... it's one huge step in the right direction.

What about you guys... what do you think?

Has Aaron Rodgers climbed out of Brett Favre's shadow yet?

By the way... cubsfan731 if the Steelers win... the 2010 Packers Police set is yours. If the Packers win... Hoopography gets it. No offense cubsfan731... but I'm pulling for the Packers and Charles to win.

Happy Sunday everyone... I'm off to my friend's house for some delicious eats... good company... and hopefully a Super Bowl game to remember.

Go Pack Go!


  1. Hope you enjoy the game Mark,
    Being from England you don't get too much coverage about Rodgers, But most talk is off Marino & Favre.

    I think he's shown he's just as good, & I like to watch him play!

  2. martyn - the game was awesome! i've watched it three times already. full of ups and downs for both sides... glad that rodgers won the mvp!