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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Domo Arigato: Mariner1 @ Emerald City Diamond Gems

When you look at the record books, Steve Largent's name doesn't stand out anymore like it once did. But when he retired in 1989, Mr. Largent had the most receptions, most receiving yards, and the most touchdown receptions in NFL history.

Things have obviously changed a lot over the past 22 years. He's no longer the leader in any of those categories... not even in the top 5. But one thing hasn't changed. Steve Largent is still my favorite Seahawk. Which is why he's the centerpiece of my Seahawks PC.

Well yesterday... I was over at Sports Card Forum replying to some of my trade posts, when somebody contacted me about some singles from the 1989 Pacific Steve Largent set. It was another blast from the past... because the last time I thought of these cards was probably in the early 90's... when I saw these at a local card show.

After thinking about it, I sent the guy a PM and told him I'd pass. Why collect six singles when I could chase down a set. Well after doing some research on eBay, I found a factory sealed set with a starting bid of $5.99 (+ $5.85 shipping) and hobby boxes (with 36 packs & 10 cards per pack) for $29.95 (free shipping). These prices were intriguing, but I decided to be patient and check back later.

A little later, I went to grab the mail... and in my mailbox was a package from Mariner1, who's the author of the blog: Emerald City Diamond Gems. He has almost twice as many followers as I do... so I'm sure if you're reading this post... you're already reading his. However... if you haven't checked out his blog... what are you waiting for? Head over there right now!

Mariner1 & I have a couple of things in common. We both are huge fans of Tony Gwynn and we both follow the San Jose Sharks. Anyways... I got off track... let's get back to the package Mariner1 sent me.

Well... ironically... inside of his package was the complete 1989 Pacific Steve Largent set. The set is made up of 110 cards. The first 85 cards documents Largent's football career from his childhood up until 1989 when he retired. The final 25 cards are puzzle cards, which when put together make up a new card not found in the set. Here are a few of the highlights:

Header Card

The Younger Years

His HOF Career

His Coaches

His Teammates

The Completed Puzzle

This is my favorite part of this set. They remind me of the Garbage Pail Kids puzzles from the mid 80's.

The Elway Card

According to Beckett... this is the most expensive card in the set. It books for $3, while the whole 110 card set lists for $25. Of course... this doesn't mean squat... but some people might be curious.

Oh... I almost forgot... Mariner1 also included a stack of Ichiro Suzuki cards for my Japanese PC.

Most of them, I've never seen before. In fact... out of the 17 Ichiro's he gave me... I needed 11 of them. The other 6 are headed to my girlfriend's nephew... who also collects Japanese baseball players.

So a big shout out to Mariner1... thanks a bunch for this generous care package. I'll be shipping out a little something to you in the next few days. Keep up the great work over at Emerald City Diamond Gems.

Everyone else... enjoy your Sunday afternoon. I'll be watching the Pro Bowl with some buddies. Which brings us to today's question of the day...

Are you going to watch the Pro Bowl? What do you think about it being played before the Super Bowl, instead of afterwards?

It's football... so I'm watching it. But, I think it's unfortunate that none of the Packers or Steelers will be able to play in the game. No... I understand that they don't want to risk injuries... I just wish they'd move the game to after the Super Bowl like the good old days. But that's just my 2 cents... what's yours?


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  1. I'm personally not going to be watching it...if it's on while I'm in front of the TV I'll tune in, but I don't make a p oint of seeing it

    I'm off to check out your Japanese player collection...