30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sports Card Trifecta #6: Derek Fisher

On Wednesday night... the stars must have been aligned perfectly, because it might be the only time in my life... that two of my favorite sports teams are involved in amazing game ending miracles.

The first miracle... occurred with less than a tenth of a second left in overtime play. Just as the overtime period was about to expire, Daniel Briere stole the puck from Logan Couture... and quickly passed to Mike Richards who shot the puck as time expired. Initially it was though to be a goal... but after review... the officials ruled that time had expired before the puck crossed the goal. It's insane that the game was decided by less than a tenth of a second. Truly a miracle if you're a Sharks' fan.

By the way... Couture would quickly redeem himself by scoring one of the two shootout goals to seal the victory for the Sharks.

The second miracle took place just a few hours later across the country in Los Angeles. In a game that the Lakers should have won easily... they found themselves losing 86 to 85 to the Los Angeles Clippers with only 3.1 seconds left on the clock.

Matt Barnes inbounded it to Derek Fisher who layed up a floater just over the outstretched hands of DeAndre Jordan and into the basket as time expired on the clock. Once again... the bright red backboard light goes off, just as the ball leaves Fish's hands. If he holds onto it for a tenth of a second longer, it doesn't count. But... like I said earlier... the stars were aligned for this chubby little Japanese guy in San Jose, CA.

So what better time... then to honor the hardcourt man of the hour... Mr. Derek Fisher... with my 6th official Sports Card Trifecta:

Rookie Card: 96/97 Topps Finest #43

Autographed Card: 98/99 SP Authentic "Sign of the Times" #DK

Memorabilia Card: 01/02 Topps Pristine "Partners" #PADF

Derek Fisher is my second favorite Laker, behind number 24. I know he's struggled to defend some of the quicker point guards this year... but on Wednesday night... he proved to basketball fans that he still has a little left in his tank. Thanks for the Kodak moment Fish.

Well... I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Only six more days of work, until Christmas break! Goodnight y'all!

By the way... Charles... if you're reading this... I received your package today. I'll get a post up either tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks buddy!


  1. D-Fish! Ever since he came back to the Lakers - it's been all good. None of those quick young PG's has ice water in their veins like Fish does. Nice cards!

  2. Hey Mark. First off, hope you enjoy the cards. Second, that Fisher auto on the SOTT card is awesome!!! Third, Fisher is easily one of my fav Lakers as well. Do you think he deserves a place in the rafters with the other Laker greats? Finally, my Sabres handed it to your Sharks. Wow, that feels good to say after the Vikings took a beating by your Packers.

  3. As a guy who doesn't really like the Lakers, I definitely respect/like D-Fish. He's just so clutch and seems like a great guy. Sort of my Mo Rivera of the Yankees if you will, only I probably like D-Fish more since Lakers > Yankees.

    Nice cards!

  4. Sports Card Report - Thanks. I totally agree Fish is clutch when it counts. He's hit key shots at key moments year in and year out.

    Charles - Totally love the cards... I'll be putting up the post in a few minutes. Yeah... I only have two Fisher autographs (in a Lakers uniform) and that's my favorite of the two. It's hard to say if he deserves his name up in the rafters... if they put him up there, then they better put my boy Byron up there too. Mr. Scott could stroke those baseline 3's with the best of them in the 80's. As for the Sabres... congratulations. I should have known that they would lose that game. There's no way the Sharks could possibly win two games in a row ;-)

    SpastikMooss - I'm glad we have something in common... we're not fans of the Yankees. Yeah... Fish is the man. He has his weaknesses, but at least last night, you saw his strength.