30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do you remember having "current events" in school?

Some of my fondest memories from elementary school was "show & tell", weekly trips to the library, playing "two hand touch" football, and of course... completing those "current events" assignments. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, then I'll try to fill you in. My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Miller would have us go home and find a newspaper article. Then, we would have to tell her:

a. who the article was about
b. what they did
c. when they did it
d. where they did it
e. why they did it
f. how they did it

Anyways, I thought that since I grew up to become a teacher... I should assign this assignment to myself to help all of you get to know me. So, here it goes:

Who: My name is Fuji and I'm a short, chunky, Japanese guy who enjoys collecting cards as a hobby.

What: I'm a middle school teacher, who loves his job and wouldn't change it for anything.

When: This is tough, because there's so many things I can answer. Well, I'll start by saying that I was born in the 70's. I started collecting in the 80's and began teaching in the 90's.

Where: I lived my whole life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why: Why what? I guess, I'll tell you why I collect cards. I think the main reason I collect cards is because I suffer from OCD. I've always loved sorting and organizing things and sports cards allows me to fulfill this desire. When I'm bored, I take out my cards and sort them. I know... I'm a loser.

How: So, I guess I'll tell you how it all started. I started collecting because a buddy of mine gave me a box of 1979 Topps baseball cards. The first thing I did was start sorting them into teams and then wrapping them up in rubber bands. After that I was hooked.

So there you go... my first blog entry. I'm not even sure if anyone will read this, but if you did, I hope you enjoyed it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for this blog, or if you're interested in talking about cards or trading. Have a great day!


  1. DUDE!!! I've got OCD too! I do the same thing. I like sorting my cards. I'm constantly organizing my sets by base cards, inserts, etc, etc.

  2. Lol... I didn't think anyone would actually read my old posts.

    Welcome to the club!