30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Night Five: Summer Plans

Summer Break is here and the hobby will unquestionably be a part of my plans.  Today I thought I'd kick things off with some things I'd like to accomplish over the next two months.

#1: Visit Vegas

2018 Topps Chrome Refractor #50
2018 Topps Chrome Refractor #139

The most important thing on my list is to head down to the birthplace of Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper to visit my father.  It's been sixteen months since I've given him a hug.  I'm going to make this happen.

#2Continue Listing on eBay

1981 Granny Goose #35

I know this sounds bad to all of those "true collectors" out there, but I assure you I'm still a collector... not a dealer.  I've sold less than twenty-five items on eBay since February.    In fact, the number of cards purchased during that time frame far outnumbers the number of cards I've sold.

Although this isn't high on the priority list... I feel like it's almost guaranteed to happen.  The rest of the items on today's list aren't guaranteed.

#3Enjoy Some Games @ AT&T and the Oakland Coliseum

2013 Topps Album Stickers #293 & #314
2015 Topps Album Stickers #147 & #164
2016 Topps Album Stickers #151 & #159

I can't remember the last baseball game I attended.  I'm guessing it was an A's game back in 2019, but it might have been in 2018.  I'd like to hit up both sides of the Bay before I head back into the classroom.

I'd say there's an 80% chance I'll get out to an A's game and a 50% chance I'll attend a Giants game.

#4Hit Up a Flea Market or Card Show

There's a card show in Fairfield which is about a seventy-five minute drive north of San Jose on June 26th.  Not really sure if I'll go, because I'm not a big fan of standing in long lines and dealing with crowds in cramped spaces.

It's more likely that I'll hit up the Capitol Flea Market one of these weekends.  It's been so long since I've walked around there, I'm curious to see if there has been an increase in vendors with sports cards to match the popularity of our hobby.

2019 Topps Chrome #203

According to my blog, the last time I purchased something from Capitol was back in August of 2019.  That's where I grabbed this Chrome rookie card of Tatis for $5.  Hopefully I stumble across a few more the next time I'm out there.

#5Buy a Car

Lego Speed Champions #76901

It's been thirteen years since I've purchased a new car.  The past month or so... I've been looking into a 2021 Toyota Supra.  It's not a purchase I'll dive into lightly, but if I do end up buying one... it would be my "holy grail" car.  In other words... the car I'd treasure for the rest of my life.  I feel like the car's design would stand the test of time (well... at least my lifetime).

What are the chances?  I'd say it's a coin flip.  There are days I'm pumped and ready to buy it, while other mornings I wake up and think to myself... this is a toy I just don't need.  Then again... do I really need boxes and boxes filled with baseball cards?

I have a few other things I'd like to do around the house... like clean out the garage, build a few Lego sets, and hopefully finish this vintage Star Wars puzzle I started last summer.  Plus I'm sure there are a few things that I'm forgetting.  If I remember... maybe I'll update this list in a future post.

Until then...

Do you have any special plans for this summer?

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. My summer plans include a bit of woodworking and keeping up with my vegetable garden (plus blogging, of course). I've also got lots of LEGO plans but not sure how much time/energy I'll have to put forth on the LEGO table!

  2. Also, forgot to mention that it's great to have you back blogging again :)

  3. Those all sound like reasonable summer goals. #1 def. most important, and #5....that's a big one, maybe you can sell enough stuff on Ebay to pay cash for it, wouldn't that be a hoot. :). Keeping the no car payment intact.

  4. "Buy a car" is on my list, too. I wouldn't call it a "special plan," it's more like a "have to" plan.

  5. June - not much,July get a 2021 BB Topps factory set and a Big league set,August get a 2021 Football set probably Score,September get a Stadium Club set.Good luck on the Supra they start at 43K,hope you get a good payment plan.

  6. I think my only summer goal is to request my pile from COMC.

  7. You have some nice summer plans in store for you! Enjoy yourself and the time away from school. I have heaps of time to take off but still plan on remaining very local. Odd jobs in the house, reading, & hopefully working on a couple of books.

  8. I hope you're able to travel, enjoy a few ball games (and card shows) and most importantly spend some time with your family. Nothing wrong with selling things on eBay; I unloaded a lot of stuff there myself in the spring.

  9. Went to a Tigers game yesterday. I'm hoping to go at least once more, and to a couple of minor league games as well.

  10. Mostly I'm hoping to go back to Singapore, but at the moment there's a bad outbreak of COVID there and there are still travel restrictions. Would be happy if I make it there by the end of summer or early fall.

    Card show coming up next weekend if all goes well. BTW, I have a relic on the way which will complete my trifecta of Mookie Wilson...which is special because I already have a trifecta of his son Preston! Kind of a way to celebrate Father's Day I guess.

  11. Buy the car. Then drive it to Vegas and take your dad for a ride.

    I've never really heard anyone say they regret buying something, but lots of stories of regretting NOT buying something.

    Life is so short, you should enjoy it!

  12. I hope you can at least see your Dad, make it out to a show or flea market, and sell some cards. Sounds like a fun summer. Is the car a stick shift?

    I don’t really have any plans for the summer. We took our vacation earlier in the year so that would’ve kind of been the only big plans. Might hit up a Rays game, probably a small chance of going to a card show. I think I’ll just keep making customs, blogging, and try to buy a 2021 Topps set and finish the 2020 Topps MLB Sticker Collection with my son.

  13. I love your #1. Family is so important. Have a great trip to Vegas!
    I'm starting to piece together a 4 or 5 day getaway for just myself. It'll involve at least one card show, a couple of baseball games and a few disc golf courses. I'm starting to get excited about it.
    My big task this summer, due to a right arm injury, is to teach myself to throw a disc golf left-handed. It's been fun so far, but very challenging along the way.
    BTW, that's the first time I've laid eyes on a Supra. That is one sharp looking car!

  14. Billy's comment wins. If you do purchase a new Fuji-mobile, be sure to post some pictures here. And maybe hang a baseball card from the rear-view mirror.

  15. nachos grande - i hope to see some lego posts over the summer. shame we don't live near each other, it'd be cool to sit down, talk cards, and build lego sets.

    johnnys trading spot - the money i've made this year on ebay played a role in my decision to buy a new car. as for a car payment, i hope to put 70 to 80% down... and keep the payment to a minimum.

    night owl - have fun purchasing your new car. if i wait another year or two... it's going to get to the point where i'll be in a "have to" position myself.

    sg488 - i wonder how easy it'll be finding factory sets at retail price. as for the price of the car... that's why it'll be my dream car that i'll baby for as long as i'm behind the wheel.

    nick vossbrink - nice call. i should add that to my list. i originally had planned on requesting shipment a month or two ago, in time for my birthday. doesn't look like that's going to play out. now i'm looking at receiving my cards by christmas

    peter k steinberg - when you say "working on a couple of books", do you mean you are writing a couple of books? if so, that's awesome!

    the lost collector - #1 will definitely happen. and i really do hope to make #5 happen as well.

    chris - considering how much i've put into my collection over the years, i don't feel guilty or bad about recouping some of that money. i just don't want people to think that i've become a dealer first and collector second. congratulations on your successful ebay sales.

    john sharp - nice. hope they won. i completely forgot about minor league games. i guess i'll have to try and hit at least one san jose giants game this summer as well.

    brett alan - hope you're able to make it back to singapore. as for the mookie relic card... congratulations on completing a trifecta. it feels like it's been ages since i've completed one.

    billy kingsley - if things go as planned, i will do just that billy. i like your philosophy. the next time i try to talk myself out of buying the car, i should reread your comment

    jeremya1um - i will definitely visit my pops. i thought about walking around the flea market this morning, but i went out and bought doughnuts instead ;D as for the supra... it's automatic. they don't make them in manual (which is weird). but i'm actually okay with it. hope you're able to accomplish all of those things... especially finish that sticker set with your son.

    p-town tom - i was talking to my friend earlier in the week about going out and playing disc golf. haven't done that in a long time, but it'd be an opportunity to get out and grab some fresh air. best of luck on training with your left-hand. that sounds challenging, yet really, really rewarding.

    gregory - i promise to write a blog post and take pictures if i do end up buying the car. sounds like a great wallet card opportunity

  16. $5 for that tatis!? Bet u wished you found more that day

  17. I know exactly what you're saying about the car issue - Last February we picked up a 28' Thor Motor Home and have already been out and about camping in it. We're completing plenty of local trips while we get used to it, but in mid-August, before school starts, we hope to take a week-long trip to Door County Wisconsin to see Packer stuff and the local maritime history.

  18. matt - yup. my buddy tony sold me that card. i think after that he raised his prices on all of the tatis cards he pulled after that. on a side note... i did buy a ton of those tatis chrome rookies. some for less than $5 and some for a few bucks more. plus i have five to seven more in complete sets. i kinda lucked out b/c i was obsessed with tatis and really liked the 2019 topps design.

    sumomenkoman - thanks buddy. i'll keep you posted

    comatoad - saw your motor home post. have fun on your summer adventures!

  19. Hope you come to the Fairfield show, Fuji! I'm working at my buddy Dave's table both Saturday and Sunday, and it's supposed to be a huge, 200 table affair. It's being held at a converted large retail store (I think in a mall complex), so am thinking the aisles will be wide with plenty of room to navigate. Definitely larger facility than that hotel ballroom last month which you probably saw youtube vids of.

    1. mr haverkamp - it'll probably be a game-day decision. yeah, i heard it's being held in an old forever 21 store or something. if i can get my buddy ben to join me, i might make the trip.